Francisco Allendes

Francisco Allendes, Chilean DJ and producer now residing in Ibiza, is one of the hottest talents of the contemporary dance music scene. Active since early last decade, Allendes has grown over the years, releasing music for some of the most prestigious labels in the techno / house scene such as Desolat, Kaluki, VIVa Music, Cadenza, Snatch, Mood and Crosstown Rebels. The Fiebre Amarilla World Tour 2009 consecrated him on the world DJ platform and ever since, he has been omnipresent in his home country Chile at Creamfields, Awakenings, Mysteryland and Love Parade Festivals as well as on the world circuit at major events such as Tomorrowland, Medusa, MMW, BPM, ANTS and Hyte to name but a few. His sound as a producer shifts between synthetic house and techno grooves – always displaying flashes of organic rhythms and percussion. Allendes has produced several hits of the tech and house scene – the most recognisable being Caligula, Llovizna, Agility Queen and Eres; and his production has been widely received and supported by some of the most influential DJs of our time, including Carl Cox, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Luciano and Damian Lazarus.

Music in the DNA Francisco Allendes was born in Chile and introduced to music from a very early age. At the tender age of nine, his parents bought him a violin, on which he continued to be classically trained for eight years and which took him to play in numerous chamber orchestras and folk groups. At 17, his musical taste took a turn when he first discovered progressive rock and synthesizers. The synthesizer was his initial contact with electronic instruments, and opened his eyes to a whole new world, which in turn, motivated him into researching new sounds. Soon after, he began to produce his own music and naturally he also moved on to discover the art of DJing. In 2001, he laid his hands on his first Technics and he progressed rapidly to join the circle of professional Chilean DJs. His first productions soon launched him onto the scene and led him to perform at some of the biggest festivals in Chile as well as giving him exposure to the international circuit.