Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a French born, Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner who is no stranger to the world of house and techno. It all started for her when a love for new wave would lead to her first rave party that opened up her ears and heart to the sounds of electronic music. Mary acquired her first set of turntables and her first gig followed shortly after. She quickly rose the ranks in the techno scene in the South of France and landed her first residency at Studio 88 (Aix en Provence.) Relocating to Berlin in 2005 took her career to the international level and the next chapter of her journey began.

Having already focused on her DJing abilities, she set up her studio in 2006 to make tracks that would go along the lines of her favorite label. This led to her debut release, “Apparence” on Sender Records. Just a few short years later Bloody Mary released her debut full-length album “Black Pearl” in 2009. This also was the first artist album to appear on the Contexterrior label in its seven-year history. Filled with emotion, it was her best experience as a producer up that point and revealed a wider picture of her personality to public. She and the label released three subsequent vinyl EPs corresponding to the album, including remixes by Jay Haze, Shonky and few more artists.

After the release of her first full-length album, she began to wonder what she should do next? The only logical explanation was to start her very own label. In 2010 Dame Music was born as an outlet for tracks from talent that she had befriended over the years in the house and techno scene worldwide. The label doesn’t hold itself down to one specific genre and has only one rule, that the music being released is something that Mary would play in her vinyl DJ sets.