Every Sunday | Abracadabra – 22:00 – 23:00

Dive into the vibrant world of Mykonos with ABRACADABRA – an electrifying series that’s all about high energy and uplifting vibes. Recorded live from the iconic Alemagou club, featuring sets by BLOND:ISH and friends as they bring those laid-back Grecian beach club feels every week.
Fusing everything from melodic house and techno to afro-house and disco, BLOND:ISH creates an experience that truly knows no bounds, designed to keep listeners hooked.
This limited exclusive live series, features BLOND:ISH, Maloné, MOLES, DEST, Apache, Tourist
ATH, and more. Get ready to press play and let the good times roll as you
embark on this sonic journey with ABRACADABRA.