Dominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg has two lifelong passions: music and nature. Over the course of more than ten accomplished years, he has managed to reconcile both by producing an ever-evolving but always organic and melodic brand of electronic music.

Of course, Dominik is also a well travelled DJ who is always observing the natural world on his worldly travels. Much like a wide open landscape of flora and fauna that is always changing and mutating through the seasons, his sounds never stay still for long. As such a DJ set from the man at clubs and festivals around Europe, South America, the USA and many places in between always offer a compelling blend of physical groove and heady melody. No shade of techno or house is out of his grasp, and he can weave together deep, hard, textural, emotive and/or angelic tropes depending on what the situation requires.

For Dominik, mother nature is the greatest artist of all. As a painter paints his representation of the natural world, Dominik wants to create an acoustic image that depicts how he feels about it. For example, a walk in the woods can be a blueprint for exciting music, because “in the woods you never know what is waiting for you around the next corner.” In the forest a rustle in the coppice can turn into a hookline, just like a subtle synth can become the main feature of one of his moving productions. As well as producing plenty of standout 12”s, Dominik is also a revered remixer who has worked on nearly 100 projects and music by Hot Chip, DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz, Nathan Fake, Roman Flügel and many more.