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Printworks Poised for Reopening as Plans for ‘Permanent Cultural Venue’ Surface by 2026

Plans for the revival of Printworks as a permanent cultural hub have been set into motion, with developers British Land and Australian Super submitting detailed proposals to Southwark council. The proposal aims to divide the South London site, with one half designated for cultural activities and the other half for offices and shops as originally intended.

Envisioned as a versatile space, the redeveloped Printworks will once again host electronic music events, club nights, art exhibitions, and corporate functions. The proposed design includes exciting additions such as a rooftop terrace, a smaller performance area known as The Inkwells, and modern conference and hospitality suites. The remaining portion, dubbed The Grand Press, will be transformed into office space for approximately 1,500 employees alongside retail outlets.

In an exclusive report by The Guardian, it’s revealed that British Land is in discussions with Broadwick Live, the events company that previously operated Printworks, to manage the venue. With hopes of securing planning permission in the coming months, Emma Cariaga, joint head of Canada Water at British Land, expressed a vision of creating a world-class cultural destination that builds upon Printworks’ esteemed legacy.

Originally slated for demolition, the former press halls at Harmsworth Quays will now undergo a transformation into a thriving cultural center. Following Printworks’ closure in 2023, plans emerged for its revival on the same site by 2026, marking a pivotal moment in London’s cultural landscape. The redevelopment project aims to preserve the site’s heritage by salvaging original printing equipment, including the towering four-story press, rollers, and ink lines.

Paul Clark, Australian Super’s head of real assets in Europe, emphasized the importance of establishing a vibrant cultural venue in the area, steering away from a monotonous office environment. The collaboration between British Land and AustralianSuper seeks to create a dynamic space that resonates with both locals and visitors, contributing to the rich tapestry of London’s cultural scene.

In a related development, Broadwick Live recently inaugurated DRUMSHEDS, a 15,000 capacity venue in North London. With its second season already underway, the venue promises an exciting lineup of events, reflecting the continued growth and vitality of London’s entertainment landscape.