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Michael Bibi Unveils the “One Life” World Tour !

In a momentous announcement yesterday (10th January), Michael Bibi, the celebrated British DJ and producer, revealed plans for his highly anticipated 2024 world tour, aptly named “One Life.” This tour signifies a significant milestone for Bibi, who, in December, shared the uplifting news of being officially cancer-free after undergoing a rigorous six-month treatment.

While specific details about tour dates and locations are still under wraps, Bibi has disclosed that a percentage of the tour’s proceeds will be directed towards supporting various cancer charities. Among them is the Foundation Trust of The Royal Marsden Hospital, the institution where he received his transformative treatment.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Bibi shared, “I’m excited to celebrate life,” accompanied by a vibrant poster featuring a colorful butterfly and the hashtags #fkcancer and #onelifetour.

This global tour marks Bibi’s triumphant return to the stage after a challenging journey with CNS Lymphoma, a rare form of brain and spinal cancer, diagnosed last June. Following his primary round of treatment’s completion in late September, he surprised fans with a set at Ibiza’s DC-10, marking his first appearance since the diagnosis.

On 6th December, the founder of Solid Grooves label joyously declared himself in remission post a bone marrow/stem cell transplant, expressing, “I’m still very tired, I’m on a lot of meds, my body hurts & my hair’s all gone… but I’m excited to get home, process, heal & prepare for the future with you all.”

Eager fans can pre-register to be the first to receive updates about tickets and tour information here. The “One Life” tour promises to be a celebration of resilience, life, and the power of music.

Stay tuned for more updates on this extraordinary musical journey !

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