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Michael Bibi Introduces New Merchandise Line to Support Cancer Research

Following his battle with CNS Lymphoma, a rare form of brain and spinal cancer, British DJ and producer Michael Bibi has launched a clothing line aimed at supporting cancer research. After six months of treatment, Bibi announced his remission by the end of 2023, marking his return to the stage with a surprise appearance at Ibiza’s DC-10.

Named after his forthcoming 2024 world tour, the One Life clothing collection features four T-shirts, each adorned with striking butterfly designs reminiscent of Bibi’s recent performance at Coachella. Three of these shirts proudly display the hashtag “#FKCANCER”, while one boasts an inspiring quote on its back: “Life is a journey, embrace the winds, navigate the storms, emerge from the cocoon of challenges, fly free as a butterfly”.

Bibi took to Instagram to announce that 25% of the proceeds from each sale will go towards supporting cancer research through donations to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in the UK.

Last month, Bibi made his official return to the stage with a headline performance at Coachella’s new Quasar stage, accompanied by his loved ones. As he continues his journey post-remission, Bibi is set to headline Finsbury Park on July 6th as part of his One Life world tour, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to both his music and the fight against cancer.