Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing is synonymous with techno. His legacy is long assured, but his craft never stops evolving.

Whether as label head, podcast curator, DJ or producer, he continues to challenge himself and his audience to explore new realms in the electronic world. And often ahead of the curve, too, from the early, hard-edged and loopy 90s sound which is back en vogue today, through his more stripped-back turn of the millennium minimalism and onto the cinematic atmospheres and broader alternative electronica of his latest albums on Mute. It’s no stretch to say, then, that Chris Liebing’s story is closely connected to the story of techno itself.

Liebing is considered a global techno ambassador, but his ambitious album projects and direct club tracks excite and innovate as much as any new school star. A proudly forward-thinking attitude ensures that is the case as his DJ tools and studio setup constantly evolve. He continues to be an early adopter of emerging technology, too, just as he was with vinyl controllers, Traktor and when leading the way with full hybrid/live DJing.