Artslaves borns in 2012 by two Neapolitan producers who decide to merge their names and create a new musical project, which may reflect their young but already influential label, Moan Recordings. T hey already make people talkingabout since the first release on BlaBla, Inmotion, where theyreceive wide acclaim and support from world famous DJs.Marco Carola opens the Time Warp in Mannheim with theirtrack “Squilla” in 2013. T hey also make some remixes forMoan, Miguel Lobo, with the Re-UP and Jordan Peak and theEP of Desolat pupils, Francisco Allendes and Bimas, withSable Sheep and Luca Agnelli. T heir first EP is released on Moan in 2013, a successful collaboration with the Frenchtalent Loquace, and two remixes of great renown, such asHector and DJ W! Ld. Engaged in numerous Moanshowcases, the Artslaves begin to make their appearance inmany parties and festivals, including Hungary, Spain, firstappearance at the Sonar Off 2013, Jag Club in Ibiza,Germany and Italy at the ‘Old River Park, Club Gamma, andnumerous other clubs around. With more than ten years ofexperience behind the decks, influenced by house, funkyand techno giving to their set a very personal touch, creating the right atmosphere and feelings, wherever theyplay.