Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer occupies a firm position among the few techno originators who’ve stayed at the top of their game since the ‘90s. The Swede’s three-decade career is an impressive unfurling of steadfast, future-focussed innovation and expansion. Beyer has performed at nearly every club and festival around the world multiple times, he’s the first to have racked up 100 Awakenings appearances, he’s turned in two rounds on Radio 1’s Essential Mix and an entry into fabric’s mix series, built a vast catalogue of vital records, released under various aliases, and launched three record labels, including the gargantuan Drumcode, a world-dominating brand with a syndicated radio show, weekly show on streaming platforms and global wide events.

Beyer’s vocation kicked off as he galvanised the dawning of a new wave of European techno in the mid ‘90s with releases on Planet Rhythm Records and the iconic Drumcode imprint. Adolescent impatience spurred the launch of his label in 1996. With a vast stack of his records good to go and Beyer being eager to speed up the release process, he threw money into a venture that would sooner give his cuts a stomping ground. Drumcode would soon grow at supersonic speed with his own high-voltage material being released alongside early records from Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Marco Carola, Henrik B and Hardcell.