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ANNA Unveils Global Underground Mix Compilation and Debuts New Single: Listen Now

ANNA Set to Curate 46th Global Underground Mix, Inspired by Lisbon

Scheduled for release in June, the upcoming Global Underground compilation series will see Brazilian DJ ANNA at the helm for its 46th edition. Crafted over two discs, the mix boasts a collection of 38 tracks, all revolving around the vibrant essence of Lisbon, the city where ANNA meticulously assembled the compilation.

Featuring an eclectic lineup including Jacques Greene, Nosaj Thing, TSHA, Mind Against, Fatima Yamaha, Bicep, Daniel Avery, and a selection of ANNA’s own creations, such as the captivating ‘Kalimba Dreams,’ the compilation promises a diverse sonic journey.

ANNA shares her perspective on ‘GU46’: “I curated this mix to echo the soul-stirring vibes of Lisbon, incorporating a broad spectrum of musical genres from ambient to house to techno. Each track embodies the lively energy and rich diversity of the city.”

Reflecting on her deep connection with Lisbon, ANNA expresses, “Lisbon holds a special place in my heart; it’s where I find solace and inspiration. CD1 encapsulates the serene, melodic atmosphere, while CD2 delves into the dynamic, club-oriented sounds I’m known for. Additionally, ‘GU46: Lisbon’ features tracks that resonate personally with me, elevating my spirits and igniting a sense of euphoria.”

The mix will be available for digital streaming and download, alongside a 2xCD set. Vinyl enthusiasts can also look forward to a 3×12″ release showcasing selected tracks from the compilation. Detailed information on the various formats can be found here.